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The Tip of the Icebergs of Ignorance

old way new wayThe sexual revolution reached a tipping point in 2014 and 2015. It happened suddenly after a long time waitin’. After 30 years of people risking reputation, livelihood, and life and limb by actively and at great risk, coming out of the closet about their sexuality. Suddenly LBGT rights and gay marriage and love between people of all kinds became legitimate, recognized as a right and confirmed by even a conservative Supreme Court. The shocking sudden change in acceptability, no one could have predicted—certainly not from the history of injustice and prejudice against gay people that preceded the turnaround. For lifetimes on end, if you desired or liked or wanted sex with members of your own sex you were supposed to pretend that you didn’t and never tell anyone. Then, all of a sudden, that went away and it didn’t matter so much anymore. What happened? How did it happen? Suddenly everyone’s opinion about what other people can do and had a right to do sexually, changed. Or as Malcolm Gladwell said in his wonderful book “The Tipping Point,” something “tipped.”

In 1959 when I was 19 years old and went to my first civil rights rally in Austin Texas and helped start the theater stand-in movement and restaurant sit-in movement, none of us knew what to do to bring about changes in the ridiculous segregated social order. We all dreamed of and demanded desegregation after so many hundreds of years of racial injustice…and we got arrested and bombed and shot at and beat up and some of us got killed…but we had no idea that within 5 years there would be a civil rights act to legally end segregation. The justifiability of segregation according to race was ended and the right of all humans to be treated the same as all other humans was established by law and consensus among us. And the way we have been living with each other since then has changed. Really. A lot more of us got to know each other than we would have with the older arrangements.

pot-smokingI’ve been smoking marijuana and growing it and buying it and selling it and giving it away for 54 years, illegally. The last I bought from a state liscensed store in Denver. Inside of a few more years the whole United States will be pretty much as tipsy as Colorado. The DEA is coming down. The bullshit war on drugs is coming to an end.

O.K. that’s enough. If you want more there are many other examples of tipping points in Malcolm Gladwell’s book. If you want more than that, just stay alive another five years. What seems to make things tip is information that contradicts erroneous beliefs that comes from people you trust who are honest with you.

The Tipping Point of All Tipping Points

I think we and our allies in honesty all over the world are escalating the speed with which things tip.

Either hold on to or let go of your seat. I’m not sure which…or when…you should hold on or let go. A storm at sea is coming. I think we have the chance to join the storm and eventually calm the waves with honesty.

It’s kind of scary though.

Could it suddenly become acceptable to come out of the closet about things even more scary than our sexual proclivities?

What if there is developing a kind of meta tipping point of tipping points?

What happens when we all admit we are all fucking nazi’s in our minds?

What about love of people it is taboo to love (You can’t love her, she’s married!). What about our pettiness, anger, embarrassment, pretentiousness, judgmental condemnation of others (and our selves as well), and our arrogant demands to control the actions and behaviors of others?

What about coming out of a whole bunch of closets at once!? (What are crowds of loveable assholes to do?)

Will there be a tipping point on how much control of others is protected, demanded or permitted or even considered necessary?  (We don’t need the armies, police forces, the legal system that is completely antiquated and corrupt. When all of us knowing that tips, they all must be exposed and taken apart and put aside and a smaller, less expensive and better system created.)

How about lying? Is there a tipping point for stopping pretending that you are not pretending, when you are…or admitting it and taking it back when you do?

Is there a tipping point for honesty in relationships?

Is there a tipping point for world wide radical honesty?

Yes. There is. It is coming. Get ready for it!

When this “bigger room for personal honesty in the world” tips, the worldwide fascist system of law and order cannot survive. Neither can the worldwide economic order. It will suddenly collapse and be replaced by government by friends who trust and depend on each other.

A world organized around honest sharing instead of money?? What? Am I crazy?

People of the traditional paranoid mindset based on “us versus them” cannot survive this either. The “us” I am referring to in that last paranoid statement are those of us who are honest about our lying and the “them” are all the regular assholes who lie about their lying, i.e. normal folks who maintain their status by maintaining the status quo. How do we become allies with these enemies?

What happens when something tips is that both of the opposing crowds change their minds! All of a sudden, people on both “sides” start listening to each other and speaking honestly about what used to be taboo. What used to be in fashion becomes old fashioned overnight! Enemies become friends. Everyone becomes more interested in what is really going on than in maintaining their position of being right.

cracks in the foundationMy friend Charles Eisenstein calls such things “cracks in the foundation of normalcy,” a phrase I just love. Here is and excerpt from his most recent post:

“I was pleased to see HuffPo feature this NYT magazine article on the criminal (in)justice system. It describes the effects of the bail system that forces indigent defendants to plead guilty to trumped-up charges or rot in jail for weeks or months (or years) because they cannot make bail. One man was arrested as he walked out of a store with a soda and straw — the straw was considered “drug paraphernalia.” He spent weeks in jail, where he was severely beaten. A woman left the homeless shelter to buy diapers for her baby, whom she left in the care of a friend. She was arrested for recklessly endangering her child; six months later she still hasn’t regained custody.

“As the statistics in the article demonstrate, such stories are not exceptional (especially for black people). Nor are they a new phenomenon. What is new in my lifetime though is that finally this sort of injustice is emerging into mass consciousness, no longer invisible to the majority of middle-class white people.

“Relatedly, the upsurge of outrage at the police killings of unarmed black men (and at police brutality in general) reveals another crack in the foundation of normalcy. Police brutality is nothing new; what is new is that it is becoming harder to hide — literally, due to ubiquitous video cameras and social media, and figuratively, because of the disintegration of the racial, political, and class narratives that cloaked it.

“It is tempting to blame the situation on racist cops, callous judges, or opportunistic politicians. Certainly such people exist, but blaming them is a trap, a deflection of anger onto a convenient but superficial target. The article gives us a glimpse instead of a monstrous machinery of injustice: an industrialized, inhuman, nearly paralyzed legal system and courtroom culture, embedded in an equally paralyzed political system, itself beholden to deep cultural myths about human nature, criminality, and punishment. At bottom, I believe, we are seeing the crisis and imminent collapse of the ideology of Control, which in its failing days goes to new and absurd extremes in response to its own failures.

“Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to understand the deep causes of the horrid injustice that is becoming increasingly plain to see. The understanding will come with time. What is necessary now is to awaken the “no”. That will power reforms (one good one the article mentions is to eliminate the cash bail system entirely) that will ultimately prove insufficient as our tolerance for injustice wears thinner and thinner. Our industrial system of punishment and mass incarceration is fundamentally incompatible with the dignity of each human being. Our consciousness is evolving to the point where that is no longer tolerable. (italics mine…Brad)

While it may seem as though indignity — not to mention horrid injustice — is reaching all-time highs, we might also see their heightened visibility as the beginning of a major shift. Someday, maybe sooner than we have any reason to think, we will live in a world where no one is dehumanized and everyone is treated as a full being. Is anything less tolerable to you?”

What Charles refers to is a personal evolution in which many people coming out of the closet about their real experience in life, that leads to the social revolution. It goes by a lot of names. Around here we call it Radical Honesty. It is the ultimate breakthrough that all the former and later breakthroughs will either live or die from.

The systemic injustice of the well-named Criminal Justice System is just a case in point. The rule of kings was replaced by the rule of prejudicial legalistic mindfuck. We simply have to become more unruly. And when the revolution tips we will undo and replace the old with a new and revised mindfuck, short lived, and reviseable again soon.

I trust comedians. They are willing to be embarrassed and embarrassing and call us out of our closets. They make fun of what used to be serious. Andy B here is funny and wise and full of good tips.

“Sanders Shamelessly Pandering to Voters Who Want to Hear Truth

By Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker

13 August 15

The article below is satire. Andy Borowitz is an American comedian and New York Times-bestselling author who satirizes the news for his column, “The Borowitz Report.”

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is gaining legions of new admirers by shamelessly pandering to voters who want to hear the truth, critics of the Vermont senator say.

According to those critics, Sanders has cynically targeted so-called “truth-based voters” to build support for his Presidential bid.

“People come to Sanders’s rallies expecting to hear the truth, and he serves it up to them on a silver platter,” the political strategist Harland Dorrinson said. “It’s a very calculated gimmick.”

But while Sanders’s practice of relentlessly telling the truth might play well in states that are rich in truth-based voters, like the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire, critics say that his campaign could stall in states where the truth has historically been less important, like Florida.

“At some point in this campaign, voters are going to get truth fatigue,” Dorrinson said. “Right now, the novelty of a politician who doesn’t constantly spew lies is grabbing headlines. But after months of Bernie Sanders telling the truth, voters are going to start wondering, Is that all he’s got?”

Dorrinson is just one of many critics who are eagerly waiting for the Sanders phenomenon to come down to Earth. “Telling the truth may be working for Bernie Sanders, but it shows a serious lack of respect for the American political system,” he said.”

The new and improved and upgraded online course “Radical Honesty: How to Get Over Shit and BE Happy” will be launched in October. It is designed to be part of the tipping point of the re-evolution of humanity that we need for our survival. Feeling a bit tipsy are you? We certainly hope so.

birthday party I will be 75 years old on September 8 (Come on out Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 5-8) for the party if you can. You may not be surprised to hear that my completely subjective opinion after 75 years on the planet is that Radical Honesty is the most important thing in the world. It is a primary source of tipping points, and when it tips everything changes.

Love,  Brad

P.S. Watch this. It is John Denver saying no to the old order and yes to the tipping from being killers to being lovers. It is one of the next big tipping points just around the bend.



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