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Let Buddha teach you how to be like Jesus and have a Mary Christmas

I just watched an animated film entitled Inside Out, given to me by someone with whom I am in love. The whole story of Inside Out (a helluva title message too, “put what is inside out ”) wonderfully gives permission to us all to have all the emotions we have, to not hide them or play like they are not there, to celebrate the diversity of human experience and be glad about the variety of it we can have and how that can serve us.

So, rather than be victimized by trying to avoid and control emotions, or keep secrets for a phony sense of security, or just not mention things that are important to us because we think telling about them might upset someone—We can go ahead and be out loud about what we are feeling and thinking and doing and we can all work it out together. We might have a little faith in each other and see what we can handle and be pleasantly surprised.

The video is for pre-teens and teens and young adults and as it turns out, for older people too. The liberating message of this wise and wonderful video is that our fear and anger and joy and sadness and shame (those emotions are actual cartoon characters in the film) are all O.K. In fact, emotional reactions in all their forms are good, helpful, and to be shared and used to help each other with. They all help make our participation with each other elaborate and multifaceted and challenging and endlessly interesting.

I watched Inside/Out with my 9 year old son, Bruno Buddha Blanton, with whom I am in love as well. He had already seen it before and wanted to see it over again with me. I loved him all over again for that.

The emergence of this video into popularity is one of many new evidences I see every week. According to me, who (of course!) has no vested interest in such an interpretation, more and more people in the world are affirming the value of being radically honest. This interpretation of the meaning of what is going on in the world makes me happy.

At the same time, the news about idiotic world politics makes me want to puke. Being with all of those assessment triggered sets of sensations (being in love and having people agree I am right and being about to puke about the intense cruelty of ignorant true believers, all at the same time) caused me to hallucinate a vision: We are all in a kind of gigantic dance together with Goodies and Evilies all doing their part! All of it counts! And the whole thing is, in it’s own way, quite beautiful!

Yes! I am a scared, pissy, whiney, romantic, angry, happy, competitive, judgmental, selfish, greedy, etc. asshole! Hurrah!

So are you! Hurrah!

So are we all! Hurrah!

Here’s to all the scared, pissy, whiney, romantic, happy, angry, judgmental,
competitive, selfish, greedy, deluded assholes in the world! Hurrah!

We wonderful multi-faceted, extremely creative, multi-varied mess makers are all making and learning from our horrific wonderful mistakes, and that is all wonderful, except for just one tiny little thing: Getting the inside out is not just an option. It is a requirement for human survival. It is an offer we can’t refuse.

Most of us in the whole human community are still blithely assuming that we will go on forever by not letting the inside get out. I have bad news for all of us.

zorbaWe will not.

We (all of us, humankind and it’s story from beginning to end) will still be a beautiful and ecstatically horrific story even if we come to a rather sudden end in the near future. Ending up the whole show is pretty much set to be determined by all of us shortly. There are many, many splendiferous crises (Nuclear holocaust, global warming, etc.) on the immediate horizon, that could bring down everything and everyone (like Zorba the Greek’s great crash). And even though we, like Zorba, could dance to celebrate the immense tragedy at the end, wouldn’t it be so much more fun to celebrate saving our souls at just the expense of our egos?

What is Coming Up Next

So when the global warming summit in Paris fails, as it is bound to do because greedy corporate psychopathic bastards who ought to be killed are in charge of what happens in this poison for profit world, politicians are pussies, especially rich stupid fucking Republicans…etc. we will take one step closer to the end. After that we can all be nostalgic and tragic and feel sorry for ourselves. We can say we tried but it was too little too late.

We can commiserate together about how we were so close and almost made it. Just for a moment before we are suddenly not alive anymore we can talk about how Damn! We almost fixed it! Unfortunately, as they say, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be. And that saying will be particularly true when we are all dead. (Maybe a few will be left behind just for nostalgia’s sake?)

We Who Are About to Die and Kill all Our Children Could Fix This

I wonder what could happen to us if we loved everything, including hate?

There is a thin chance
if we celebrate the whole dance
we won’t shit in our pants.

That question, and that response to it. are the focus of my life now, until I die.

In January, about a month from today, at the Center for Radical Honesty, we are coming out with an online course to help all of us be in transcendental love instead of being trapped in mere self righteous hate. The course shows how you do that by being explicit, direct and honest about what is going on with you even when you feel hateful. We teach how to pay attention. You end up feeling all the energy of all the sensations inside while sharing what you resent or appreciate and reveal what you have been hiding. And then by letting sensations come and go in the open air, a new moment of feeling arrives for you and everyone involved. You become present…to your own being and to the beings of all of your friendemies. Everyone is moved not by thoughts but by presence to experience while it flows and to contact with another being just like you.

You do the same thing (become present to, notice, be in contact) with the whole parade of feelings in Inside/Out (and inside you). You let it all hang out for your sake and everyone you care about’s sake. You could be a hell of a lot happier, and help us save the world and the rest of us in it. This course could save our lives.

The online course is called a lot of things. We who have been working on it for years now have a whole series of names for it. Reading these titles over really does let you know what the course is about. Please help us out now. Based on your experience of Radical Honesty pick the main titles you like and let us know. Or suggest another…as soon as we come up with a name for this we can get started. We gotta pick a name by Xmas! Here they are!

radical honest shitRadical Honesty: How to Get Over Shit and BE Happy

Radical Honesty: How to Get Into Shit, Get Over It, and BE Happy.

How to Straighten Out Your Life for the Sake of Other People…and Vice Versa

How Giving Love and Honor to Other Beings Like Yourself…to Even Your Enemies… can Enhance Your Life and the Lives of Others.

Tough Love is not so Tough, Sometimes It’s more fun a little bit rough…then all of a sudden you can’t get enough.

Putting a Finish on Unfinished Business

Mothers, Brothers and Significant Others!

Mothers, Brothers and Significant Others: Completing what’s Incomplete and Getting Back Out on the Street

You Did It Once! You Can Do It Again! The Radical Honesty Course in Completion

How to Forgive People who Have Pleased You, Hurt You and Offended You, and Enjoy Your Life Again Outside the Box of Avoiding Dealing with People You Care About

How to Be Completely Here: Honest Coaching, Love and Beer!

How to quit living in the past & create a happy future

How to complete the past, arrive in the present , & create a happy future

How to clean up the past, arrive in the present , & create a happy future

How to heal the past, arrive in the present , & create a happy future

How to forgive people in the past, arrive in the present , & create a happy future

Forgiveness for dummies 🙂

Fomenting forgiveness & creating connection 🙂

How to actually give & receive forgiveness and create true (or “real”) love
creating real forgiveness and true love / intimacy / connection

Practical Forgiveness Skills

Radical Honesty: How to BE Happy by Facing what You’ve Been Avoiding and Getting Over Shit

How to Stop Avoiding the past, Lying in the present, and missing out on the future

Be How You Be How You Would Love to Be and Do what You would Love to Do

Getting Back to Sweet Honesty Like a Child Will Get You Where You Want to Be: Being Grown Up and Happily

Go Through It to Get Over It

Connection at your Fingertips

Break through to Connection

Instant Authenticity

Break through the BS

Instant Intimacy

Breaking Through Barriers to Intimacy

Reuniting with Lost Loved Ones: Opening Your Future to New Loved Ones

All those titles point to what the course has in it—the secret to the good life. I gives you a chance to start lovin’ life as it is instead of how it ought to be. It is about the most practical aspects of love that have ever been known.

Unfortunately, this course is probably a week or so too late to actually save the world. Sorry. I was busy with other things there for a while and got a little behind…shit happened…etc.

All kidding aside. If you and I can accept, be present to, acknowledge and share what we notice about everything, inside and out, with everyone we have been or could be close to, we can transcend our reactive minds. Then those we have loved in that way can notice and transcend their reactivity of mind too. And we have to do that now or die. If that happens right quickly, to billions of us, we might not only survive, but thrive. The odds are against us but we still have some odds.

Religious Implications of this Course in Honesty

Our destruction or our salvation depend on the wisdom of Buddha, not Moses or Jeziz or Muhammad. Buddha won. And Moses and Jesus and Muhammad were actually right too, (just a little to God damned zealous about it). It turns out the love talked about by Jesus is from the noticing Buddha focused on.

buddha statueThe point is: It’s all the Moses freaks and Jeziz freaks and Mohammad freaks, (including American right wingnuts), who are terrorizing the world right now. One time religion had relevance. Not so much now. They traded in their love of honest social intercourse to start masturbating to belief. They can only rediscover their root faiths when you and I demonstrate how well they work for all of us. Love is the answer. But getting it from a religion and turning it into a “should” is questionable.

If you’d like to pursue this further, gimme a hAllah! Hell Mary! That would just be Buddha full! Allah Lew Ya! Ahhh! Men!

Love, Brad

P.S. In my last newsletter I said that the sexual revolution seemed to have reached a tipping point in the U.S. in 2014 and 2015. All over the country marriage equality seemed to have happened suddenly. After hundreds of years of oppression and 50 years of escalation of people coming out of the closet about their sexuality, “suddenly” LBGT rights and gay marriage and love between people of all kinds became legitimate, recognized as a right and confirmed by even a conservative Supreme Court.

Radical Honesty is about coming out of the closet about pettiness, judgmental condemnation of self and others, anger, “illegitimate” love, embarrassment, pretention and hateful proclivities toward the actions and behaviors of others.

When Radical Honesty tips, if it does, the worldwide fascist economic order will be replaced by some form of government by friendemies who have faith in each other, and trust each other…to fight, but not kill each other, forgive each other, and survive and then thrive, and keep it up.

I hate to lay this on you but it really is up to you to save yourself and those you love and the rest of humanity. You could honestly straighten out your life for the sake of other people. Some of them you know and some you don’t. Some of them, many of them, are children. Many of them, if you knew, you would love. Some of the older people you will help to be alive and stay alive won’t be such great people. And they need their chance to straighten out their lives for the sake of other people too. That’s what is in our course, of course.

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