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What the World Needs Now is Love

We’ve been Cursed with a Blessing…

…and Blessed with a Curse! And We’re So Lucky!

What a life! What a world! What a time to be alive! What a fine time to offer a way through to what is missing in billions of people’s lives. Like Imagethe song says, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” And we know something about love. We have books and workshops and trainers and people who love out loud who know in their hearts and bodies and heads that the pathway to love is through revealing what is so with openness and vulnerability, namely, Radical Honesty.

Here is a summary of the work in the world that Radical Honesty Trainers have brought about, and are bringing about in the near future! Bless our hearts!

2017 Workshops
1/13/17- 1/15/17 London, Tuulia Syvanen
1/19/17- 1/22/17 Holland, Tuulia Syvanen
2/4/17- 2/5/17 Zurich, Tuulia Syvanen
2/18/17- 2/25/17 Florida, Brad Blanton
3/11/17- 3/12/17 Finland, Tuulia Syvanen
3/22/17- 3/26/17 Finland, Tuulia Syvanen
4/7/17- 4/9/17 Amsterdam, Tuulia Syvanen
4/21/17- 4/23/17 Prague, Brad Blanton
4/28/17- 4/30/17 Berlin, Tuulia Syvanen
5/5/17- 5/7/17 Amsterdam, Tuulia Syvanen
5/26/17- 5/28/17 Lithuania, Tuulia Syvanen
6/2/17- 6/4/17 Zurich, Marvin Schulz
6/5/17- 6/6/17 Munich, Christoph Fink & Selina Jung
6/12/17- 6/14/17 Amsterdam, Tuulia Syvanen
6/17/17- 6/25/17 Italy, Taber Shadburne
7/8/17- 7/9/17 Munich, Christoph Fink & Selina Jung
7/14/17- 7/16/17 Vienna, Taber Shadburne
7/14/14- 7/21/17 Greece, Tuulia Syvanen
7/21/17- 7/23/17 Hamburg, Taber Shadburne
8/9/17- 8/14/17 Finland, Tuulia Syvanen
8/15/17- 8/22/17 Greece, Brad Blanton
8/25/17- 8/27/17 Los Angeles, John Rosania & Michael Kolb
9/5/17- 9/10/17 Germany, Christoph Fink & Selina Jung
9/8/17- 9/10/17 Germany, Tuulia Syvanen
9/15/17- 9/17/17 Amsterdam, Tuulia Syvanen
9/22/17- 9/24/17 Finland, Tuulia Syvanen
9/22/17- 9/24/17 Vienna, Marvin Schulz
9/23/17- 9/24/17 Cleveland, Raven Dana
9/29/17- 10/1/2017 Denver, John Rosania, Tony Shawcross, & Lindsay
10/4/17- 10/8/17 Finland, Tuulia Syvanen
10/13/17- 10/15/17 Vienna, Tuulia Syvanen
10/14/17- 10/15/17 North Carolina, Raven Dana
10/20/17- 10/22/17 Prague, Sebastian Holovsky & Marvin Schulz
10/20/17- 10/22/17 North Carolina, Michael Kolb & John Rosania
10/28/17- 10/29/17 Munich, Christoph Fink & Selina Jung
11/17/17- 11/19/17 Amsterdam, Brad Blanton
12/7/17- 12/10/17 Holland, Tuulia Syvanen
2/3/18- 2/11/18 Canary Islands, Tuulia Syvanen & Pete Jordan
6/?/18- 6/?/18 Italy, Brad Blanton & Taber Shadburne and Tuulia and Pete- THE FIRST EUROPEAN TRAINER’S TRAINING!

Look at how many people we have been serving! Look at how many we are gearing up to serve!! I will be leading a Weekend Workshop in Amsterdam in November and I’d love to see that filled to capacity- there are just a few spots left- join me! And then 2018 will begin with an 8 Day Workshop in the Canary Islands, led by two of our most prolific Trainers, Tuulia Syvanen and Pete Jordan- these longer intensives are THE BEST WAY to really experience practicing Radical Honesty within a committed community- sign up now and get in on the early bird pricing. And in June of 2018 we will have our next Trainer’s Training in Cossignano Italy!!! Taber Shadburne and I will be co-leading the training and it’ll be our best yet, and we’ll be certifying more trainers and setting them up in business, making a living, teaching Radical Honesty all over the world. Stay tuned for Trainer’s Training details.

I really think the world is coming our way!

ImageWe have been practicing and looking for and looking at people practicing Radical Honesty for years now, (AND WE KNOW HOW AND WHY IT WORKS!). We get that Radical Honesty is the key to intimacy, and that intimacy based on honest sharing is the very source of happiness between and among people. Furthermore, We completely get, as Amanda Palmer said, “…when we really see each other we want to help each other.” *(quoted on p.232 of Talk Like TED” by Carmine Gallo)

Getting this simple but profound idea and experience of honesty, both at the same time, are critical to not only our happiness but the kind Imageof thinking necessary for our very survival. When we really get each other we fall in love with each other, help each other, and we want to work together to help others do what we are doing. The headlines of what happens when people who have got it together get together, show up in a sequence, like this:

  1. People who help each other want to keep helping each other and help others: love gets passed forward through open, vulnerable, honest sharing.
  2. Honest sharing between and among people connected at the heart, is key to the emergence of a greater love toward other people. (So then we have to learn how to tolerate joy, then how to enjoy joy! Most of us don’t know how to do that, but we can learn from those who do.)
  3.  Heart connected thinking triggers an ongoing, evolving, co-hearted, co-intelligent, co-operative, mutually shared genius (which is needed to save sapiens from themselves, and support our evolution into a loving future instead of a dead end street.)
  4. This leads to more nourished, less damaged people, less damage to children, and to more “loving genius groups” that form and reform and cooperate as tag teams in running the world for the benefit of all of us.

AND we have Donald Trump and his friends and family out there as poster children for lying and hatred and a sociopathic lack of empathy. What better model could we have for showing people what not to do and how not to live, and revealing Korporate Kannibalism and greed for what it is? Bless our poor little God damned hearts!

Radical Honesty Master Trainer Taber Shadburne just sent me these two magnificent links, below…where these great performers reveal how they are performing as honestly as one can. I love it!

Thought Leader
and this one:
How to Sound Smart in Your TEDx Talk

Thanks for being here with us!

ImageLove, Brad and the Crew

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