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I Got a Certificate for Wreckless Driving

I got a certificate for wreckless driving. I put it on the wall and was proud of it! Good for me! All that driving without a big wreck! After it was there for a month I realized it was a ticket for reckless driving! Shit!

This little story, a figment of my imagination, is kinda the way my whole life has been.

I’ve been pretty reckless and at the same time pretty wreckless! It turns out there is a good path in there where less than perfect is just perfect…where being careless and now and then a little careful works out. Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly! Lots of us have been modeling that successfully and it works pretty good, most of the time! And now, a lot of us are doing that together and creative lives are blossoming and a context for love is being generated and we are on a mission from God to save humanity from itself! I am so happy so many Radical Honesty Trainers are running workshops and support groups and ongoing communications with people and spreading the word!

And now here are our most recent rewards for imperfect living and relatively wreckless dribing! We have made great strides in supporting each other and impacting the world imperfectly, yet positively, since last February:

  1.    We’ve certified over 20 new Radical Honesty trainers and conducted over 30 Radical Honesty Workshops in Europe and America in the last 8 months.
  2.    During that time over $80,000 was generated for Radical Honesty teachers.
  3.    Radical Honesty has been translated into Czech and is on track to be translated into Russian, and a new translation of Radical Parenting and a retranslation of Radical Honesty into German happened this year and sales of both are strong.
  4.    Radical Honesty book sales have increased by a third over the last six months. (Donald Trump has been a great poster child for the wonderful life of lying!)
  5.    Now we’re in the middle of a thorough revision and upgrade of our website. John Rosania and Lindsay St.Antoine are the main ones in charge of that, and Tony and Fred and Dima and others are all helping out with other projects.

Our next horizon is a clean up of our world-wide communication network, so that Radical Honesty can continue to expand. That is what we are asking you to help with now, in two or three different ways…

Location, Location, Location
Because we’d like to send you all emails that are targeted to you and folks in your specific area, we want to know your location. Will you please email lindsay@radicalhonesty.com and simply type your name, the name of the city, state/province, country in which you live, and the email address that you’d like us to continue to use for you?

Radical Honesty International Couch Surfing & Networking Community
As another part of this upgrade, and to enhance contacts/closeness between Radical Honesty people around the world, we’d like to grow our Bloomin’ Humans Network so we can meet, talk, travel, share stories, and practice Radical Honesty while saving money and expanding the joys and benefits of Radical Honesty as we travel. To become a part of this International Couch Surfing and Networking Community, follow the simple steps outlined on our site, here.

Attention Radical Honesty Trainers
Lastly, Radical Honesty Trainers, to support RH expansion in your area, please contact your email list of friends and associates who have attended one or more of your events and ask them if they want to subscribe to the Radical Honesty Rag mailing list, in order to be kept up to date on events, podcasts, and writings about Radical Honesty in the world, and then forward their emails to us when they respond if they want on the list. You can share your list by emailing lindsay@radicalhonesty.com. Thank you!

Thanks for helping!

I have given up on the idea of retirement (except for the joke “I got tired once, and then I got tired again…it’s called re-tirement…”). I have not given up on working less and playing golf more, though. So I guess I will still retire but do an imperfect job of it!

Love,  Brad

P. S. There are several great workshops coming up in the next couple months! Find the details on our site by following the links, below.

Weekend Workshop in Vienna: October 13-15, 2017 (Led by Trainer Tuulia Syvanen)

Weekend Workshop in Asheville, NC: October 14 & 15, 2017 (Led by Trainer Raven Dana)

Weekend Workshop in Prague: October 20-22, 2017 (Led by Trainers Sebastian James and Marvin Schulz)

Weekend Workshop in Munich: October 28-29, 2017 (Led by Trainers Christoph Fink and Selina Jung)

Weekend Workshop in Amsterdam with Brad Blanton: November 17-19, 2017

Radical Honesty Weekend: The Art of Asking for What You Want- in Olympia, WA: November 17-19, 2017 (Led by Trainer John Rosania)

Radical Honesty Weekend: The Art of Asking for What You Want- in Los Angeles: December 2-3, 2017 (Led by Trainer John Rosania)

Intensive Retreat Workshop in Holland: December 7-10, 2017 (Led by Trainer Tuulia Syvanen)

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