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A Christ Complex is Simple when You Get Right Down To It

Dear Radical Honesty Family,

This is Brad.
I have gone crazy.

It was bound to happen. Now that it has, I have a little plan I want to tell you all about and ask you to help with and even though some of you will think I am crazy (which, of course, I am) I am really happy to tell you about it (further evidence that I’m crazy).

With your help I plan to die and be born again. Literally, I mean. Metaphorically as well. But the literal part is the most interesting.

In a little over 2 ½ years, on September 8, 2020, at age 80, (like Bilbo Baggins did when he was a little older) I am going to throw a party and retire from being in charge of anything. The Center for Radical Honesty will continue and be my metaphorical ongoing life. Between now and then I’ll be working to hand over the running of the whole business of Radical Honesty Enterprises to some of you and some folks we haven’t met yet.  It is my intent to have hundreds of people making a good living as Radical Honesty Trainers.While you all are coaching and instructing and supporting people, both live and online, and teaching them liberation from their own minds and how to enjoy living in their creation of a play-filled blissful life, they will be using our teachings and the minds they just escaped from as twisted sculpting tools of progress! And you personally will be gratified, rich and happy in that process!


As many of you know I have a cryogenic freezing contract with the Cryonics Institute. I have put up a 35K life insurance policy to pay to be frozen when I die, stored in Flint, Michigan, and then brought back to life when science becomes capable of thawing and restoring me. Some time, probably in the next 5 or 10 years, I will die and be packed in ice, then dry ice, then have my blood pumped out, then be lowered into liquid nitrogen and cooled to minus 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

All I have to do is stay cool and try to keep cool and then stay cool after they thaw me out. If all works out I will be awakened, my memory mostly intact, probably sometime within 5 to 30 years after I die the first time.  (If you want to know more about the details of the cryogenic plan, write and we will send you a copy of the project write up. It’s called, “Come Again??”)

“Have you gone completely fucking crazy Brad?” Yes, of course I have. And now I am revising not only how crazy I am, but how I am crazy. It’s a little cold hearted but a lot of fun! You may remember my first TED talk two years ago was from Transylvania! This kind of insanity could turn out to be the key link to give YOU, dear reader, a way to make a living, happily, your whole life, helping thousands of people over the course of hundreds of years and maybe even saving humanity from devouring itself until a little later on…

Whether this literal plan to be born again works out perfectly or not, my legacy and you might still dance. If what we set up together in this next couple of years works it doesn’t matter much if I come back literally or not! You guys can keep me alive like l have been doing for Fritz and Abe and Erik Erikson and Paul Tillich and Soren Kierkegaard and Milton Erikson and many others…by passing forward what they gave me.

Here is the story at this early stage of our shared delusion of grandeur:

We have over 35 certified Radical Honesty Trainers now and plan on having 15 or 20 more before the end of this year, a hundred or so by the time of my retirement in 2020, 200 by the time of my death, and 300,000 by the time of my resurrection! This extended life for Radical Honesty plan starts in a few months in 2018. Here are a few things already in the calendar for the near future:

  1. We are having a Trainer’s Training in Italy in June to teach and certify more people to be Radical Honesty trainers, and we will be having a second one in the U.S. toward the end of 2018, and we are open to requests and offers on the date and location you might like. 
  2. Also this year we’re having our first annual Unconvention of Radical Honesty Trainers and Trainer Candidates. We expect to continue this on an annual basis for the next 100 years. I plan to be there to celebrate my 180th birthday with many of you and your offspring. This first Convention of Radical Honesty Trainers, Trainer Candidates, and friends will be in Florida, the last week of February or the first week of March, 2018. We will let you know when and where soon! The cost will be around $400 for three days and 4 nights. Please come help us build the future designed to benefit you and hundreds of thousands of other people! 
  3. Both the Trainer’s Training and The Unconvention meetings, I am hoping, will prepare us for people other than me to take over the management aspects of running radical honesty enterprises I have been doing, and do it better. 
  4. I have written and am publishing another book, made up mostly of selected parts of Practicing Radical Honesty called Co-Designing Your Own Destiny. It needs one more edit, and will be complete by September. It is the text for our  advanced course, tentatively named now, How to Plan Like Crazy and Live in, and Die from, an Insane Life! Consciously! Doing What you are Destined to Do, with no Choice, On Purpose! How to make the most of Slavery! Fate! You can’t Beat It! But you can Beat off on it! 
  5. John Rosania and Lindsay are working on building our new website with help from me and Tony and a few others. We will have it up for review in the next few weeks. It is really great and we can’t wait for you to see it! 
  6. We are having our Trainers Collective video call on Saturday, where we will discuss all this and more! Lemme know what you think of this and any suggestions you have!

Yours truly, your coach and friend in planning how you want to go crazy, and how we might all do it together, like a real cult! Love, Brad

P.S. Here is an exhausting but not exhausted list of friends and allies of Radical Honesty. There are Allies in our Alleys and Alleys in our Allies! We are getting a lot of help creating a beautiful future.

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