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We’ve Got More Workshops Headed Your Way!

Hello friends!

I’m back in Virginia after a trip to Europe to visit my sons Bruno (11 years old) and Amos (44 years old), and my two grandsons Lander and Finn (6 and 4 years old) and my daughter-in-law Kara. I also led a Radical Honesty Weekend Workshop in Amsterdam in a record breaking attend dance with 40 people! It was a great trip to love learning and learn loving.

And now we’ve got more workshops to tell you about! This is another one of our promised, regularly scheduled emails to inform you of the numerous offerings that we’ve got on the calendar for you in the next few months. You get to begin or enrich your Radical Honesty Practice, in person, face to face with other human beings you are about to fall in love with- by doing a live workshop. There’s nothing else like it.

We’re also going to begin to individually introduce you to our Certified Radical Honesty Trainers in these workshop-centric newsletters, beginning with this one!

Below, you’ll find links to each of the workshops listed on our Radical Honesty site, through March 2018. Each of these workshops is being led by Certified Trainers in Europe and the United States. When you visit a workshop page on our site you’ll find details about each specific workshop. You’ll find information including the dates, times, location and cost, and you’ll learn about the Trainer/s leading the workshop and how to contact them with questions, and to register.

Here they are:

ImageIntensive Retreat Workshop in Holland: December 7-10, 2017 (Led by Trainer Tuulia Syvanen and Pete Jordan)

Weekend Workshop in Cologne: January 12-14, 2018 (Led by Trainers Tuulia Syvanen and Pete Jordan)

Weekend Workshop in Munich: January 12-14, 2018 (Led by Trainers Christoph Fink & Selina Jung)

Information and Practice Evening in Amsterdam: January 16, 2018 (Led by Trainer Tuulia Syvanen)

Weekend Workshop in Amsterdam: January 19-21, 2018 (Led by Trainers Tuulia Syvanen and Pete Jordan)

Radical Honesty Weekend: The Art of Asking for What You Want- in Asheville, NC: January 19-21, 2018 (Led by Trainer John Rosania)

Radical Honesty Weekend Workshop in Berlin: January 19-21, 2018 (Led by Trainer Marvin Schulz and Trainer in Training, Jura Glo)Image

8-Day Intensive Workshop in Tenerife (Canary Islands): February 3-11, 2018 (Led by Trainers Tuulia Syvanen and Pete Jordan)

Weekend Workshop in Miami Shores, FL: February 17 & 18, 2018 (Led by Trainer Raven Dana)

Weekend Workshop in Helsinki (in Finnish): March 2-4, 2018 (Led by Trainer Tuulia Syvanen)

Advanced Retreat in Holland: March 15-18 (Led by Trainers Tuulia Syvanen and Pete Jordan)

Weekend Workshop in Hamburg: March 23-25, 2018 (Led by Trainer Marvin Schulz)

As you can see in the list above, Trainer Tuulia Syvänen is one of our most prolific workshop leaders- she’s got a sold out workshop coming up this week, a Weekend Workshop in Cologne (with her partner, Pete) in a couple weeks (with just a few spots left), and a Weekend Workshop in Amsterdam January 19-21 (to which she’d love to welcome you)… along with many other workshops in the coming months.

So, here’s a bit more about Tuulia, who I love dearly!

ImageTuulia Syvänen is the certified Radical Honesty trainer who has led the most RH workshops in Europe. She also does 1:1 and couples coaching. For two decades, she held leadership positions at international, non-profit organizations that are concerned with social and environmental justice issues. A native of Finland, she has lived in Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Canada.

Having grown up in a dysfunctional family—where difficulties and negative feelings were often swept under the rug—Tuulia became passionate about self-expression and self-awareness, and learned the importance of setting one’s boundaries. Most important, she learned the power of honesty. Her life’s mission is to help create more love and connection between people through honest sharing.

Tuulia participated in her first Radical Honesty training in 2012. She has led more than 30 RH workshops in various European countries. She has also attained a four-year certification in the Human-to-Human Coaching and Therapy Program in Finland and is a certified leader of Dr. Fischer’s Rebuilding Divorce Seminars. She earned a BA in Journalism from the University of Tampere and has a 15-year-old son.

Join her (and in many cases, her partner Pete) for a quick weekend workshop in the city, or for a longer retreat in one of a few stunning locations around Europe. You’ll be happy you did! If you do a workshop with Tuulia, it’ll change your life.

Here are a few people who have testified as much:

Image“I went to my first Radical Honesty workshop with Tuulia in October 2015. I can honestly say it impacted my life tremendously. During the workshop, I saw my patterns and learned a lot from honest feedback of others. It gave me a mirror to see myself through the eyes of others, something that I had never experienced before. Literally eye opening! Within a year I went from totally breakdown crying all day long to a radiant, super confident, happy woman who knows what she wants and how to make it happen. I haven’t felt better in 15 years and my energy levels and stamina are still growing every day.” — Marja

“I learned how to express my anger and hear other people’s anger for the first time in my life. The self-image I had created about me being a shy and introverted guy got a lot cracks. I experienced how just being myself is the best way to connect to people. I felt relief and happiness in a way I had not experienced before. Throughout the entire retreat, I felt very safe and guided by Tuulia’s compassion and wisdom.” — Jakob

“Last summer in Greece, at the Kalikalos centre in Kissos I had the chance to participate in the Radical Honesty workshop with Tuulia and Pete. 

My main motivations were: To learn to express myself with more honesty in order to have better relationships with others and to own my reality to get to know some tools to help me manage better my emotions like rage and fear.

The experience with Tuulia as a coach was really positive, she is completely present to all what happens and she is very supportive, always being there for the participants. I particularly appreciate her humor and that her feminine side was always present bringing warmth to the interaction even when there was a conflict.

I have to say that I am not comfortable in dealing with conflicts and it was very new to me this way to address issues. As I got involved in a confrontation with another participant I really had a hard time. But the amazing result, after some more talk outside the circle and a mediation with Tuulia a clarity came in which allowed me to  become friend with this person. I think that for me, being very ” slow ” in my reactions Radical Honesty is a very quick modality, I probably need more time or an intensive workshop. 

The experience is still with me and with that what I have learned there have been some improvements in the relationship with my mother, which is the most challenging for me. I noticed also some changes in the way I relate to others, like I don’t try to please anyone so much like before, trying to be true to myself.” — Laura

I’m so happy to tell you about Tuulia, and more Certified Radical Honesty Trainers from our community in future newsletters.



Love, Brad and Lindsay


  1. Friends in Germany- check out the Munich Weekend Workshop being led by Trainers Christoph Fink and Selina Jung, SOON, January 12-14!
  2. If you’re considering going to Tuulia and Pete’s Weekend Workshop in Amsterdam January 19-21, but you’re on the fence, why not join them for their Information and Practice Evening in Amsterdam: January 16? It’s €20, it’ll give you a great introduction to Radical Honesty, and if you choose to then join the weekend workshop, that €20 will be applied to your workshop payment.
  3. And last but not least- if you’re in the U. S. of A. you could participate in the first workshop of 2018 in the states- January 19-21 in Asheville, NC with Trainer John Rosania. It’s sure to be an excellent workshop!
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