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7-Day Workshop in Greece: July 14-21, 2017

Radical Honesty workshop in Kissos, Greece, 14-21 July

Join Radical Honesty trainer-in-training Tuulia Syvanen for a week at the Kalikalos holistic community in Kissos, Greece for a week that is part workshop and part vacation!

Daily Agenda
Before breakfast, we’ll do an optional session of simple yoga and meditation. After breakfast, from 09:30 till 13:30, we’ll do our Radical Honesty work together in our group session. Then we’ll break for lunch.

After lunch, we’ll be free to hike, lay on the beach, swim in the sea, laze around Kissos, lounge in the hammocks, talk amongst ourselves, etc. Then we’ll garden, cook and eat dinner together.

In the evenings after dinner, we can talk, dance, sing, drink, play and hang out. We can practice Radical Honesty and converse about how we can live our lives in love and in contribution to others.

About Kissos
Set on a lovely hillside overlooking the Aegean Sea, Kissos is a village of fruit trees, flowers and greenery, carved out of the forest above the seaside. Kissos is about 35 km/25 miles (an hour’s drive) from the port city of Volos, Greece’s 6th largest city. Sitting at an altitude of 515 meters (1600 ft), Kissos evades the summer’s extreme heat, staying comfortably warm even in July. The village is notable for its 17th Century ornate Greek Orthodox church and its fine taverna, which specializes in regional dishes and will be the site of our end-of-our-week celebratory dinner.

The price of your week is based on your accommodation.

Tent spot (2 only): €415
–Triple/quad room: €520
–Twin room: €595
–Single room: €670

All prices include vegetarian/vegan meals.

(Availability of accommodation is on a first-come/first-served basis. So if you prefer any specific sleeping arrangement and/or price, you may wish to book your space sooner rather than later.)

For more information, please visit www.kalikalos.com or write to [email protected].

About Tuulia
Tuulia Syvanen is a coach and workshop leader giving Radical Honesty workshops and doing 1:1 coaching throughout Europe. For two decades, she has held leadership positions at international, non-profit organizations that are concerned with social and environmental justice issues. A native of Finland, she has lived in Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Canada.

 Having grown up in a dysfunctional family—where difficulties and negative feelings were often swept under the rug—Tuulia became passionate about self-expression and self-awareness, and learned the importance of setting one’s boundaries. Most important, she learned the power of honesty. Her life’s mission is to help create more love and connection between people through honest sharing.

Since March 2015, Tuulia has been a trainer-in-training under the guidance of RH’s founder, Dr. Brad Blanton, and RH Master Trainer, Taber Shadburne. She is a graduate of the four-year Human-to-Human Coaching and Therapy Program in Finland. Tuulia is an NLP Certified Practitioner and has also done additional trainings in Anger Work, the Landmark Forum and Conflict Management and is training to be a leader of Dr. Fischer’s Rebuilding Divorce Seminars. She earned a BA in Journalism from the University of Tampere and has a 14-year-old son.