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Radical Honesty! Works Pretty Good!–Most of the Time!

Radical Honesty in Psychotherapy and Personal Growth

  • Open House interviews with Leigh Hatcher of Hope 103.2. Revelations of Lance Armstrong’s alleged drug use has launched a number of conversations on truth. Psychologist, author and politician Brad Blanton talks about the importance of truth and says we’ve all been trained to be untruthful. He also talks about his book Radical Honesty. Listen to .mp3 audio here:


  • Audrey Hope interviews Dr. Brad Blanton, best selling author of RADICAL HONESTY, and HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE BY TELLING THE TRUTH. The theme of the show is to get out of your mind!!! How can we recapture the lost being that is jailed within the prison of our minds? By the simple act of telling the truth, which rebirths us to our authentic self, so we can creatively and courageously live, nourished by the present moment to moment experience of life.     Part One     Part Two

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Radical Honesty in Politics

Brad Blanton Interviews and Songs

Radical Honesty with Brad Blanton, Beet Master, & Rawbrahs on April 19, 2012 (part 2):

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Brad Blanton’s Campaign Reflections (Part II) :