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“No other books have ever had the impact that your books have had on me!!  I have read close to a 1000 books on every self-help horseshit book you can name!!  I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and Radical Honesty and Practicing R.H. have been the exact healing medicine I’ve needed.  I am forever indebted to your awesome gifts of writing and communicating (Youtube/speaking).  I just forwarded Radical Parenting to my son who has a 20 mo. old.  I’m now reading Some New Kind of Trailer Trash–your story is fucking amazing man!!  I can’t put the thing down.” Randy, Lakewood, CO 

“Radical Honesty gave me a road map. I learned how to exit life’s traffic circle long enough to find out where I was, think about where I’ve been and decide where I’d like to be.” — Cheryl Richards – Dental Surgeon Assistant

“I learned new concepts about relating to others. I’m changing my world view and connecting with people more intimately than I ever have before. I’m exhilarated and energized!” — Chris Ketcham – Manager, Technical Documentation

“For 10 years I made money going into companies and training them on truth-telling, self-awareness and taking responsibility for themselves and their relationships. I thought I had it all together until I met Brad and realized I had only scratched the surface. I’m taking care of past relationships and forging ahead with new ones. I’m actively working on creating my “visionary life” and I’m having fun doing it. I’ve never felt so alive and powerful and fun all at the same time!” — Mary Cusack – Consultant

“I laugh a lot more than I used to. I just don’t take life so damned seriously any more.” — Jeanine Lodge – Self Employed

“Since doing the workshop I have gotten a raise at one job, gotten a new and better job, cleaned up my relationship with my parents, my ex-wife, and my son and created a relationship with my partner that is based on telling the truth. As a result, I have less stress in my life and feel much happier. I couldn’t ask for more than that.” — Paul LaFontaine – Project Manager

 “I avoid self help books.  I do research on self deception, honesty, opinion and the motives behind them for a blog I write.  I learned other people have done some great research on honest truth telling and the dynamics of deception.  So much so that I decided to read more and write less.  I ran across your book in mid August online and devoured it in a couple days.  

“Your words shifted me out of victim mentality into a working empowering practical outside perspective from which I could safely view their ideas from outside myself without threat or demoralization.  Radical Honesty is like a new foundation under my feet from which I am able to objectively form lasting and nontoxic perspectives.  It feels strange but it works!  I have no idea if I can employ the principals in my daily life but I certainly and going to give it a shot.

 “You may not have delivered comfort or reassurance in your book but you did open up a space from which people like me can safely view and move within this very very strange world.  For that we all are very grateful.  There is NOTHING like your books out there! Thank you so very much for them and for your own radical honesty visibly practiced in your own life. “Bill Z.

“I’ve been practicing Radical Honesty since taking workshop last month and it has led to greater intimacy and freedom! My lover and I have used it to move through emotions we previously avoided with each other (anger, jealousy, etc.) and it has been opening us up to greater levels of love & intimacy. As I committed to at the workshop, I started RH with my Dad and in addition to resentments/ appreciations, I shared with him the things I most didn’t want him to know about my life. Now I can have a relationship with him where I don’t have to censor myself, saying only what I think his view of the world will accommodate or appreciate. Instead I can talk openly with him about what’s really happening in my life. Thank you for what you teach, Brad.” John Cole, Los Angeles, CA

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