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Local Radical Honesty Groups

Radical Honesty Los Angeles
The Los Angeles Radical Honesty Meetup Group has risen from the shadows of pettiness, manipulation, and lying to try something different: telling the truth about what we feel, think, and notice. We get together frequently to practice throwing our image to the background and living, if only for a second, in the alive present. We commit to telling the truth to each other, doing some honesty exercises, and reading a few books here and there.

Join us and help make life a big ol’ honest mess.
You can enter the fire here: http://www.meetup.com/Los-Angeles-Radical-Honesty-Group/
Contact John at rosania.john@gmail.com for more information

Radical Honesty Munich
Email Christoph at chrisfink@gmx.net for more information

Radical Honesty Prague, Czech Republic
Regular group meetings, workshops and individual/couples work.

Contact Sebastian James
+420 602 333 801


Radical Honesty Amsterdam
Radical Honesty Amsterdam is a meetup group open to everyone, whether or not they have previously attended a Radical Honesty workshop and whether or not they’ve read Brad Blanton’s books on the subject. This monthly meetup is free of charge and offers an opportunity and space for people to practice being radically honest with others.

Contact Pete at info@tuuliasyvanen.com for more information.


Other Available Groups
Beau McDermott, The Colony, Texas
Stephanie Roth & Suzann Robins, Thornton, CO