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Radical Honesty – Saving America One Relationship at a Time

Dishonesty is the heart of what ails America. From our relationships to our economic system, politics and government, lying is so commonplace that we often fail to notice it. It’s an insidious disease with hidden consequences that can only be cured by a new approach to life, says Brad Blanton Ph.D., founder of the “Radical Honesty” movement.

Radical Honesty is telling the sometimes painful but freeing truth to others while staying committed to the relationship as an instrument of mutual clarification. It’s the way to create true trust and intimacy and build communities that can enact real change, says Brad, a psychotherapist, bestselling author, and veteran social activist now in his sixth decade of rabble rousing.

Funny, irreverent, sometimes profane and always controversial, Brad has been featured across major media including on 20/20, Dateline, CNN, Montel Williams, All Things Considered and Fox Television Morning Show.

Brad is now touring 20 U.S. cities in four months on the heels of publishing the first installment of his radically honest new autobiography, Some New Kind of Trailer Trash. Along the way he’s helping organize Occupy protests, getting arrested, and having a blast promoting Radical Honesty as the path to changing the world.

Covering the first half of Brad’s life, Some New Kind of Trailer Trash is an unflinching account of his childhood and the upbringing that made him one of America’s most celebrated rebels and a philosophical father of the Occupy movement. It’s all there and bare, as the Appalachian Oracle recounts how his is “heavenly” early childhood in the Shenandoah Valley turned into “hell” after his father died when he was 5. “Everything changed. A year later, my mother, who felt desperately alone and was grieving, and had three children to raise, married a shell-shocked veteran who had just returned home from six years in the Pacific… and they both became alcoholics.”

At age 13, Brad intervened while his stepfather was beating up his mother by walloping the older man with a piece of firewood, breaking three ribs and his skull. In Some New Kind of Trailer Trash he recounts how he later came to forgive his stepfather and embrace the idea of Radical Honesty. “Compassion won out over vengeance. It was almost accidental,” he says.

Brad tells how, from his life experience and psychotherapy practice, he learned that “the secret to forgiveness is honesty, and the secret to meanness is lying.”

In his nationwide tour, Brad is also sharing Occupy-friendly ways to end economic injustice from another one of his new books, The Korporate Kannibal Kookbook. He will also share details of an upcoming documentary and an online workshop in personal growth based on decades of courses offered through his Center for Radical Honesty. Radical Honesty in relationships, he says, is the key to overcoming many addictions, misery-making habits, and behaviors in personal relationships, and that applies as well to the larger community to bring about economic justice and social change.

“It’s critical to your own health and well-being that you be radically honest,” he says. “I teach people to pay attention to their experience and not try to avoid it in any way, but to acknowledge it, share it, actually welcome it.”

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Brad’s Appearances and Interviews

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A frequent commentator on our social and political culture, Dr. Brad Blanton has been interviewed in print worldwide and on hundreds of radio and television shows, including CNN Talk Back Live, Dateline-NBC, 20/20 with John Stossel, Montel Williams (three appearances), Iyanla, the Roseanne show, Sally Jesse Raphael, Mars and Venus, and others.

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