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The Radical Honesty Bloomin’ Humans Network

The Radical Honesty Bloomin’ Humans Network is an International Couch Surfing and Networking Community for people who want to meet others experienced in Radical Honesty in their area or when they travel.

We created this group so y’all can talk with other cult members who you never knew existed, and team up to create meet-up groups, show what you know, find out what more you can learn, support each other, and have a bigger impact on the world.

If you’d like to be a Bloomin’ Human:
1. Follow this link to the private Facebook group.
2. Find the first post on that Facebook group page made by the group Admin, Carlos, and send him a reply to that post that includes your city and your email address- then you’ll be added!
3. Once you’ve been added to the group, you’ll gain access to the world-wide list of folks practicing Radical Honesty which includes each person’s city and email address. Then you can reach out to others, or they can reach out to you, and you can choose whether you’d like to meet up.

*The group is private, meaning only people who are approved by admins can see discussions and access the contact list that corresponds with Bloomin’ Humans travel map, pictured below.

Bloomin' HumansMap