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Radical Honesty Master Trainer

Taber Shadburne

imageedit_1_6268488388Taber Shadburne (M.A.) is a cutting-edge counselor and teacher of transformation, who’s been helping folks transform their lives for over 25 years. He studied Zen for 10 years, living for a few of those at the Dharma Rain Zen Center, and has worked with various spiritual teachers. He received an M.A. in psychotherapy, and has done way more meditation retreats, professional trainings, spiritual practices, and touchy-feely personal growth workshops than is at all reasonable for any person his age. He co-authored the book The Heart of Healing: Inspired Ideas, Wisdom and Comfort from Today’s Leading Voices. He has facilitated Radical Honesty workshops and intensives for more than 15 years.


Founder of Radical Honesty Brad Blanton PHD writes: Taber & Caro
“Taber is an excellent trainer and therapist. We have been working together very closely for a long time, and he is
the only person that I have certified as a Master Trainer of Radical Honesty. For 15 years he and I have been co-leading 9-day workshops and Trainer’s Trainings, and he has been leading weekend workshops all over the country.”


FF4_9611From Taber:
I use a unique awareness-oriented & body-centered approach, bringing compassionate attention to all the messy, juicy stuff of life — emotions, relationships, communication, conflict, love & intimacy.  I’ll help you connect with your own deep passion and intuitive knowing, and teach you to skillfully and open-heartedly express them, using them to create soulful connection with others, and the life of which you dream. This is what I call the art of embodying Love.”