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Here, you’ll find the revised, bestselling book Radical Honesty, a parenting blueprint, stories of people practicing radical honesty, politics, Brad’s autobiography, fiction, and more.

Radical Honesty

Radical Honesty, NEW Revised Edition e-book:

Price: $9.00

Radical Honesty, NEW Revised Edition audiobook:

Price: $24.00

The first edition of Radical Honesty became a nationwide best seller in 1995 because it was not a kinder, gentler self-help book. It was a shocker! In it, Dr. Brad Blanton, a psychotherapist and expert on stress management, explored the myths, superstitions and lies by which we all live. And this newly revised edition is even worse! Blanton shows us how stress comes not from the environment, but from the self-built jail of the mind. What keeps us in our self-built jails is lying.

“We all lie like hell,” Dr. Blanton says. Read more here.


Practicing Radical Honesty

Practicing Radical Honesty e-book:

Price: $6.00

Practicing Radical Honesty audiobook:

Price: $24.00

Blunt, shocking and sometimes profane, this exciting book blasts self-help and feel-good remedies to expose the lies with which we imprison ourselves. It talks straight, hard and true to the heart of the human condition, pulling no punches. It gives us simple yet revolutionary tools to break out of our minds and into a direct and immediate perception of exactly where we are – then shows us how we can together create a world that works for everyone. Read more here.


Radical Parenting

Radical Parenting e-book:

Price: $6.00

Seven Steps to a Functional Family in a Dysfunctional World.

Radical Parenting brings together the revolutionary ideas in psychotherapist Brad Blanton’s other books – Radical Honesty, Practicing Radical Honesty and Honest to God (with Neale Donald Walsch). The honesty and openness of the author himself about his own children is combined with the wisdom gleaned from years of work with people suffering from how they were raised.

This book does no less than create an entirely new blueprint for parenting. Read more here.


The Truthtellers

The Truthtellers e-book:

Price: $4.00

Stories of Success by Radically Honest People

Freedom is a psychological accomplishment. Only truthfulness will set us free. Many of us already know that in our bones, but we don’t always muster the courage to do it – or remember the incredible rewards! From the simple, intensely moving stories in the beginning to the profound and hilarious essays in the end, this book is the best reminder of that reward you will ever come across. Honesty is the source of the ongoing renewal of love. We have the evidence. Read more here.


Beyond Good and Evil

BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL: The Eternal Split-Second Sound-Light Being e-book:

Price: $2.00

The novel is about a psychotherapist, Dr. Peter Howard, a clinical psychologist, who goes crazy while in psychotherapy himself. Read more here.





Honest to God

Honest to God e-book:

Price: $2.00

“Nobody tells the truth about anything anymore. Not anything important. Everybody’s lying to everybody else, and everybody knows it.” With these words, two great figures in the emerging culture of consciousness begin a searingly powerful dialog about the practical applications of honesty in our everyday lives. Neale Donald Walsh, five times New York Times bestselling author of the book series Conversations with God, and Brad Blanton, noted seminar leader and bestselling author of the Radical Honesty books, here speak with one voice about the new spiritual revolution and its application to both personal and political life. Read more here.


The Korporate Kannibal Kookbook

The Korporate Kannibal Kookbook e-book:

Price: $4.00

We must reframe ourselves as human beings, for the sake of our survival.  What we now have structurally in place cannot be beat from within. This system cannot be reformed from within. The terrible message of current times, and the defeat of the idealism of Barack Obama, is that we have to re-empower the money powers that prey upon the nation in order to keep the poor and middle class from dying and losing shelter and means of getting around. Read more here.



Some NEW Kind of Trailer Trash

Some NEW Kind of Trailer Trash e-book:

Price: $6.00

Some NEW Kind of Trailer Trash audiobook:

Price: $24.00

“Can an autobiography also be a manual for personal growth and social change? I think so, and this book shows us how. In his previous books on Radical Honesty, Brad writes about how we are faced with the Sisyphean task of living with the neurotic survival mechanisms we developed to survive our childhoods, and how we can only be happy if we choose to do deliberately what we are condemned to do reactively. In this book we learn how the author has chosen to care for other people as an activist, in order to live his life as an artist, rather than reactively caring for people in order to manipulate them and earn their loyalty. The repurpose-driven life is one obsessed with turning neurosis into gifts, and this book will convince you to lead a repurpose-driven life too.” Read the rest of this review, and other glowing reviews, here.

Read more about the book, here.

Honestidad Radical

Honestidad Radical e-book:

Price: $9.00

El doctor Brad Blanton, psicólogo especializado en la gestión del estrés, hace saltar por los aires los mitos, supersticiones y mentiras entre los que vivimos. Demuestra que el estrés no procede de nuestro entorno, sino que es una jaula que creamos en nuestra mente. Y lo que nos mantiene dentro de esa jaula son las mentiras. Todos mentimos y esas mentiras son lo que causa el estrés. Cuando no le decimos a nuestro cónyuge, jefe o amigos lo que sentimos, nos encerramos todavía más en esa jaula. La única salida, el único camino hacia la felicidad, es la honestidad radical. Honestidad radical ha triunfado en todo el mundo porque no es un libro de autoayuda amable. Leer más aquí.