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Some NEW Kind of Trailer Trash

Some NEW Kind of Trailer Trash

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Price: $24.00

The Story of an Outsider’s Inside View of the Revolution of Consciousness

An Autobiography, Volume One

Dr. Brad Blanton, bestselling author of the Radical Honesty book series, is at ease in this first volume of his autobiography Some NEW Kind of Trailer Trash. He is free in telling any tale about himself, including the most intimate, demonstrating the interior security and self-deprecating humor, which it would seem support his international reputation as a gestalt therapist, seminar leader, and writer published all over the world.  He owns into his life in all aspects, and finds in his weirdness his salvation, demonstrating the radical honesty he’s made famous, and rooting his self-understanding, which is considerable, in his childhood in the hills of Virginia. Transformation personified. A fine and inspiring read.

“Some NEW Kind of Trailer Trash is one man’s story of how living out loud and doing what you want works pretty well most of the time. The book would make for a hell of a movie, or several movies, particularly the chapter on May Day. I came out of my mind and into my senses while reading this book as I laughed, cried, tingled, smiled, clenched my teeth, and became aroused. I love Brad, and have grown and healed and hurt tremendously since reading his books and attending his workshops. I am eager to read Volume 2! He wrote the book as if we were sitting in his living room having a drink with him. There are countless examples of times when he has stood up to authority and was better off for it, instead of being punished. I imagine that I am envious of his travels, sexual experiences, and manner toward authority.

The story is small town America turned travel writing. Brad was a civil rights organizing redneck, an atheist preacher who has experienced God, an abused child turned healer, and a poor boy who became upper middle class. Buy this book.” Read more reviews, here.

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Pages: 261
Publication date: November 28, 2011
Electronic ISBN: 978-1-4507-9306-3
Audiobook ISBN: 978-1-4675-0820-9

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Price: $6.00
Price: $24.00

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