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Advanced Weekend Workshop in Hamburg: March 17-19, 2017

Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth
and Create a Lifetime of Joy, Play and Contribution

Led by Trainers in Marvin Schulz and Sebastian James
March 17th, 18th and 19th

To register, write to: info@radicalhonesty.eu

About the Workshop:
This is an advanced, deep-dive weekend workshop about practicing and applying Radical Honesty. We’ll focus on how to use honest, direct communication to heal relationships, live fully in the present moment and break through creative blocks.

The workshop will be held in English, though Marvin, one of the leaders, is German and will assist with potential English difficulties.

Early Bird Price (valid until February 14th): 230 Euros
Full Price (after February 14th):
260 Euros

Location: Eimsbütteler Chaussee 22, 20259 Hamburg

Friday 17th: 19.00 to 21.00, Saturday and Sunday (18th and 19th) : 9.30 to 19.00

The workshop is targeted towards those who:
FF4_9932 (1)-feel stuck in their intimate relationships
-want to experience more freedom in their lives
-strive to complete the past and live fully in the present
-need to relieve stress caused by constant worrying and thinking
-seek creative breakthroughs in the arts and business
-experience ongoing trouble with shame and guilt
-hold back asking for what they want and need

What we’ll do at the workshop:
-help you experience the immediate benefits and sensations of honest, direct communication (being closer and in better contact with people)
-teach you how to heal your relationships through honesty, and get to full-body forgiveness (to let feelings come and go by paying attention to sensations in the body)
-show you how to take charge of your awareness at any given moment (taking charge of the flashlight of your attention)
-provide you with specific ways of expressing your emotions and relating your thoughts to important people in your life
-conduct paired exercises for you to get the difference between reality and your imaginings about reality

pic2 - EditedWe want you to leave the workshop with a new set of communication skills that you can apply on your own–with real people in your life–to get out of your mind, in touch with reality, and experience ongoing personal growth.

After the workshop you will receive continuous support from the trainers via email. Also, you will get access to the network of Radical Honesty graduates: a fantastic resource for co-hearted living amongst friends.

To register, write to: info@radicalhonesty.eu

About the Trainers:
Founder of Radical Honesty, Brad Blanton, PHD, writes:
“Marvin Schulz and Sebastian James are well along the way to becoming full certified trainers in Radical Honesty! As you can see by reading their impressive write-ups here, both their learning in workshops and their work of getting complete with unfinished business with parents and siblings and friends at home, they are and have been growing in power as examples of successful living. Now they are ready to be teachers of these important skills to others.(…)” (Quote continued below)

Sebastian James
Sebastian+BradI am a trained psychologist and licensed therapist with a Masters degree in Psychology. I completed a 5-year training in Group Psychotherapy and a 3-year training in Family Systems Therapy, and I studied Radical Honesty with Brad Blanton for 3,5 years.

In addition I was trained by Susan Campbell–author of Getting Real and Truth in Dating–in conducting Honesty workshops, and learned in person from Stanislav Grof, who taught me to stay open to what life has to offer. In my home town Prague, I conduct regular Men’s Groups, Radical Honesty weekend workshops and ongoing Honesty Groups. I also do individual and couples therapy, and recently translated Radical Honesty into Czech language.

Workshops attended and assisted:
2012 7-day Radical Honesty Workshop in Greece
2012 8-day Trainer’s training in Colorado
2013 7-day Radical Honesty Workshop in Greece
2014 8-day Radical Honesty Workshop/Trainer’s training in Florida
2014 7-day Radical Honesty Workshop in Greece (Assistant)
2015 9-day Radical Honesty Workshop/Trainer’s training in Colorado
2015 7-day Radical Honesty Workshops in Greece (Assistant)
2015 7-day Radical Honesty Workshops in Greece (Co-leader)
2015 9-day Radical Honesty Workshop/Trainer’s training in Virginia
2016 2-day Introduction to Radical Honesty in Munich (Assistant)

From Sebastian:
“During my time studying and living with Brad Blanton, I learned that honesty, the willingness to help one another, and rediscovering how to play are essential elements for designing a lifetime of joy and contribution. I also learned to loosen up on myself and handle conflict better by feeling through it and letting it go. Practicing honesty with family, friends and clients helps me to refresh my relationships, consistently reconnect with people, and be available to a new future. Therefore I view being transparent as a great source of positive change, and as a therapist I wish to help people co-create safe and nourishing environments, where personal growth and healing happens naturally and without strained effort.”

Marvin SchulzMarvin
I went to my first Radical Honesty Workshop in July 2013–The 8 Day Introduction to Radical Honesty Greece Workshop–after quitting a high-paying career job in New York City. The most important learning for me was how to express anger directly and get over it and get to forgiveness. After the workshop I had many conversations with my parents, friends, and ex-girlfriends. I got more present by sharing past resentments and appreciation, admitting past lies, and revealing what I kept hidden.

As a result, I gained back creative energy that I used to up in repeating the same stories in my mind, a greater perspective on life, and more freedom of choice. I then used this new sense of freedom to write and publish a book, create a website, and start a fashion online shop

 On April 1st 2014 I flew to Virginia to live, work, and study with Brad for two and a half months. I assisted him in the creation of the Online Workshop: How to Get over Shit and be Happy. I learned paying more attention to my body and being more upfront and out loud. I got better at noticing thoughts and feelings, moment-to-moment, and began using my mind more as a creative tool, rather than a paranoid reactive machine.

Back home I deepened my relationship with my parents and my half-brother, approached life more openly, and asked more for what I want: I became self-reliant by practicing self-expression, and got over excessive thinking–something I used to do for the first 25 years of my life.

I left Europe again in October 2014 and worked in Florida. At my job interview I told my whole life story for one hour in front of the camera and all the employees, mentioning everything that I wanted to avoid. That was the scariest thing I did in my life, and I got the job and we later applied Radical Honesty in the workspace.

In February 2015 I went to the Full 8-Day Course in Honesty in Denver. I did more work on past shame I held on to, and learned to let go off it by revealing it openly. I trusted myself more and more now, and my identity shifted towards being a present-moment observer, rather than being identified with the content of my thoughts and mental images.

Shortly after the workshop I flew down to South America, where I studied with shamans, experimented with psychedelics like Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and LSD, which all helped me to notice how I create the world around me on an ongoing basis and accept the present moment as it is.

Then, in September 2015, I went to my first Radical Honesty Trainer’s Training in Virginia. I learned to create a future of my own design by talking openly about my plans and thoughts and staying grounded in current experience by just observing or sharing it with those around me.

I continued my South America journey until March 2016. In April 2016 I went to a 2-Day Introduction to Radical Honesty Weekend Workshop with Brad in Munich. I now live in Prague in a little Radical Honesty household-community.

From Marvin:
“I think most human suffering and depression is caused by a lack of close connection to fellow human beings. Once we start opening up to the world around us–tell our story, express ourselves directly, and share our thoughts and feelings–we can create a future of our own design. I want to help you acquire the necessary tools for sharing yourself honestly with the world, get over past hurt and upset, and learn to stay in the present moment while working towards a happy future.”

More from Brad:
“Marvin and Sebastian both continue to teach and learn from each other and the community of friends that surround them. Radical Honesty works in community. Radical Honesty communities grow up around radically honest people. Each new radical honesty group is a new training community that gets a life of it’s own. These guys and their community are ready to seed other communities of growth.”

M&SThis co-intelligent, co-hearted, co-creative, cooperation through honest sharing is an evolution of revolution. This is personal growth of greater depth and width than just political or economic change. This is ongoing psychological and social change based on continually developing new stories from paying better attention to experience as you learn new things, and then sharing that with other beings as a way to grow together, make decisions together and care for each other along the way. This way of taking care of oneself and each other at the same time, on an ongoing basis, works in such a way that economic and political choices proceed from that closeness and sharing, rather than being what determines how well off you think you are.”

Growing up into this way of being, rather than simply following old cultural and family stories without question, is not only a way less miserable way to live than most people know about, but is definitely the very source of creative powerful living into a future you are in charge of creating with a lot of help from your friends. These two men, and their emerging community of friends get that. Watch out. I recommend you learn from them and help them teach you and others!

Brad Blanton, Ph.D., author of Radical Honesty and numerous other books about the power of intimate sharing.

For further questions and to register, write to info@radicalhonesty.eu