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Lying is the major source of all human stress. It kills us. When people engage honestly, energy that was wasted maintaining a performance to make an impression is suddenly available for real creativity. When we admit our pretenses we can refresh our relationships and powerfully create our future together. Radical Honesty is direct communication that leads to intimacy in relationships.

At the Center for Radical Honesty, we are building communities of intimate friends who are creating a revolution in consciousness through direct, open and honest conversation.
Radical Honesty works for couples, families, communities and nations – much better than the mess most of us  humans live in now.

The new revised edition of Radical Honesty includes Dr. Brad Blanton’s stories about people whose lives were transformed from misery most of the time to joy and loving relationships most of the time. They escaped the self-made jails of their minds by trading phoniness for honesty. Though it was scary, this allowed them to rediscover and share with each other the truth of their experience in the moment.
There are six additional books also featured here that provide more detail, description and elaboration on how to actually live an authentic life, because Brad  just couldn’t shut up about it. As it turns out, this thing called Radical Honesty is a primary cure for  anxiety, depression, conflict and other forms of conventional social misery as well.

All these books are available at bookstores everywhere, online and here in our store.

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 Books by Dr. Blanton 


Practicing Radical Honesty

Radical Parenting

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